5 Concrete

5 Concrete

The activities of this unit concentrates on special items and details of protection and repairing of concrete. Supplementary and more detailled information to existing and expected rules and standards are developed and made available. External experts are consulted if nesseccary and available.

Actually the following 8 working groups have been established:

WG-Nr. Item (management) remark

  • 5.05 Quality assurance during execution (since 2006 H. Eisenkrein)
  • 5.07 Maintenance - inspection and maintenance of concrete structures (since 2012 B. Schaarschmidt)
  • 5.16 High pressure water cleaning (A. Seidl)
  • 5.17 Concept (nn)
  • 5.18 Reinforcement/strengthening (D. van Gemert, since 2012 D. Holzwarth)
  • 5.19 Durability (S. Wehrle)
  • 5.20 Sealing of concrete buildings (J. de Hesselle)
  • 5.21 Bounded construction method - historic block pavement (J. Musewald)
  • 5.22 Hydrophobising of concrete (nn) since 2004
  • 5.23 Cathodic corrosion protection (R. Burkhardt) since 2005
  • 5.24 Qualityt control of fresh concrete (B. Philippsen) since 2011


General Meeting of Unit Concrete

The General Assembly of the unit Concrete
in 2012 was held on 14th of June 2012 in Fulda.

The members of the WTA's
unit Concrete will find the minutes of the meeting on the internal site (internal events).


interne Events

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Referatssitzung 2013

Protokoll zur Mitgliederversammlung des Referats Beton 2013

13/06/2013 - 15:00 13/06/2013 - 19:00